The Kaweah Tech Story

Kaweah Tech is founded by myself, Zach Cardoza, out of a desire to empower local businesses towards technological advancement and provide opportunities for engineers and developers to work in their community. I'm not just forming another tech consultancy; I'm building a dependable and accessible resource for technical excellence, nestled in the heart of Tulare County.

Zach Cardoza, Founder of Kaweah Tech, smiling with a short beard and neatly styled hair, wearing a casual blue button-up shirt, standing outdoors with trees and a clear sky in the background.

The birth of Kaweah Tech comes as the result of almost two decades of working with companies of various sizes throughout the world, and desiring to have shift that work towards impacting the lives of the people in my community. With a background steeped in tech expertise from Fortune 500 companies and a profound appreciation for my home town, my dream is to be a catalyst for growth and innovation right here in the Central Valley.

My ultimate goal is to empower Tulare County and the Central Valley with the tech resources they deserve. Kaweah Tech is committed to supporting local businesses and organizations, fostering innovation, and contributing to the region's growth.

At Kaweah Tech, my mission is straightforward: to provide tailored software development, technology consulting, and project management services while staying firmly rooted in the community. I blend capability with approachability, precision with expertise, and innovation with reliability to serve you better.

Discover the comprehensive suite of services offered, from software development to technology consulting. My client-centric approach ensures that every solution is tailor-made to meet your unique needs. I'm here to listen, understand, and deliver results that matter.