Kaweah Tech empowers businesses and innovators in the Central Valley by delivering expertly designed and developed websites, mobile apps, and software.

Our Strengths


Based in Tulare, California and focused on supporting the very diverse and specialized businesses and organizations that make up the thriving Central Valley.

Graphic illustration of a stylized landscape depicting layered mountains in the background with various shades of green and white, and a patterned valley with fields, trees, and agricultural land in the foreground, rendered in a modern, geometric style using a limited green, black, and white color palette.
Stylized illustration of various electronic gadgets and components such as smartphones, cameras, speakers, USB cables, and keyboards arranged in a grid-like pattern, with a cohesive green, black, and white color palette.


Leveraging the latest technologies and design principles to deliver high performing websites, mobile apps, and custom software on time and to exact specifications.


Engineering and project management expertise earned over 16 years working with companies of all sizes, from single entrepreneur start-ups and family businesses, to Fortune 500 companies.

Abstract digital collage art of a smartphone bursting with various geometric shapes, lines, and textures in a monochrome green, black, and white color scheme.